What method does CARPET VALET use for cleaning carpet and upholstery?

CARPET VALET uses truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment. This truck mounted system is the best method removing the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. The high heat of the water, which only can be reached with this system, kills dust mites and bacteria. The powerful vacuum allows 95% of moisture to be removed. The truck mounted steam cleaning does not use soap. Soap and dirt are opposites attracting one another, drawing more dirt in when soap is used.

How often should I have my carpets and rugs cleaned?

Most carpet/rug manufactures will recommend cleaning them at least once a year. Factors such as children/pets, frequency of vacuuming, wearing shoes in the house, or whether the carpet/rug is in a high-traffic area or light/dark in color will all determine if cleaning is needed more frequently. In some homes, we visit every six months while others as often as three.

Can rugs be cleaned over hardwood floors?

The short answer is…YES! We are able to clean rugs over hardwood because the backing of the rug is not saturated staying dry during the cleaning process and the powerful vacuum eliminates the chances of saturation to occur.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Drying time is affected by humidity, airflow, and type of carpet/fabric. CARPET VALET recommends turning on all ceiling fans making sure your central is also turned on for proper ventilation with high humidity. Under drier conditions, doors and windows should be open to encourage air flow. Sometimes, items such as chairs or cushions can be taken out side. And, contrary to what one may think, the lack of humidity during the winter months reduces drying time making for an excellent time of year to clean. Cars are usually done during comfortable times of year as the doors should remain open. Taking all into consideration, drying time varies from six to 24 hours.

Can CARPET VALET remove…?

Red wine-YES
Fresh urine not previously cleaned-YES
Fresh blood not previously cleaned-YES
Rust stains (not wood stains)-YES
Fresh coffee stains-YES
Some make-up stains-YES
Candle wax-YES
Typically, we can remove most stains which are not permanent in nature. Dyes, such as red in sports drinks and liquid medications, are very difficult to remove. Again, carpet/fabric type, color and even condition determine stain removal success. Light colored carpets sometimes show “filtration lines” which are the remaining outlying edges of a stain. These are quite difficult to remove but may lighten with more time spent on them should they appear.

Does CARPET VALET move furniture?

Yes, we usually remove lighter pieces such as coffee tables, chairs, nightstands, and some sofas. Due to liability reasons, we do not move big screened TVs/housing units, large electronics/computers, pianos, china hutches, or other valuable pieces.
Picking up smaller items such as toys, clothing, plants, and the like prior to your appointment is a great help to us.

Does CARPET VALET offer carpet/upholstery protection?

Yes, we not only offer the service but strongly recommend the application to highly used areas. 3M Scotchguard creates a protective, moisture-resistant barrier around each fiber. This barrier also protects your carpet and fabrics from wear and tear caused by soil itself. The professional-grade protector not only offers excellent protection performance but also has enhanced environmental, health and safety benefits passing regulatory EPA standards.

Do I need to pre-vacuum my carpets before my appointment?

Pre-vacuuming general debris and pet hair is helpful allowing CARPET VALET to spend dedicated time with the cleaning job at hand.


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Since 1987 CARPET VALET has proudly served the Chicagoland area offering polite, professional, experienced, and environmentally-friendly steam cleaning service of wall-to-wall-carpet, loose rugs, and upholstery. Providing the highest quality carpet cleaning experience is our one true goal. Satisfied, long-standing customers prove CARPET VALET continues to achieve this goal.

Can CARPET VALET remove…?

Red wine - YES
Fresh urine not previously cleaned - YES
Fresh blood not previously cleaned - YES
Rust stains (not wood stains) - YES
Fresh coffee stains - YES
Some make-up stains - YES
Candle wax - YES

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